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Welcome to the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System
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The Streamline Sales Tax is an initiative undertaken by many states for the purpose of trying to reduce the administrative work and expense businesses incur administering state and local sales tax.  There are many things being done by the states to reduce the work and expense, including standardizing definitions, utilizing common forms and procedures, the certification of sales tax administration software for businesses use, and the use of this website to allow businesses to register for sales tax collection purposes.

Certified Technology

An important and new component of the Streamline initiative is the certification of sales tax administration software for business use.  There are two types of software and each type provides unique benefits for business.  The first type of software is known as a Certified Service Provider (CSP).  The second type of software is known as a Certified Automated System (CAS).


A CSP is designed to allow a business to nearly outsource its sales tax administration function.  The following is the definition of a CSP from the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA): “A n agent certified under the Agreement to perform all the seller's sales and use tax functions, other than the seller's obligation to remit tax on its own purchases.”  The software system of a CSP knows what products and services are taxable, knows the tax rate at which they are taxable, can interface with your accounting system, and will file the tax return and pay the tax on your behalf.  Each state that is a member of the Streamline initiative has evaluated the accuracy of the tax decisions and is willing to stand by the accuracy of the decisions they have evaluated.  In addition, the states that are members of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board will pay the CSP to provide their sales tax administration service to businesses who meet the definition of a volunteer .


Companies that have achieved the distinction of being Certified Service Providers and under contract with the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.  The following, in alphabetical order, is a description of each company as written by each company.


AccurateTax -  Managing your sales tax liability has never been as easy as with the TaxTools solution from TaxTools is readily available for integration with your online shopping cart solution.  With a track record of over ten years of delivering high quality, successful implementations for the entire Sales Tax Lifecycle, has worked with customers throughout the SMB arena and the Fortune 500.


As a Certified Service Provider, the TaxTools solution is focused on delivering top quality and SSTP-compliant services that are affordable and easy to use. The TaxTools suite brings SSTP-certified rules and transactions to the online point of sale for retailers of all market sizes and makes it easy for you, as a retailer to ensure you are calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting the most accurate tax information possible. TaxTools are easily integrated into your online stores, as we offer ready-made, plug-in solutions for a variety of software platforms, as well as a custom API for any other integration need you may have.  To learn more about, please call us at 866-400-2444, email, or visit


Avalara : Rated four stars in 2005 by CPA Technology Advisor, named in “Top Ten Awesome QuickBooks Add-Ons” by QuickBooks educator and columnist Douglas Sleeter, and currently running an average of 4.5 transactions per second against its sales tax engine for over 2,000 users, Avalara is a leading provider of sales tax automation for small and medium businesses.  Choose among its easily implemented, integrated editions of AvaTax Connect™ for Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage MAS 90 / 200 ERP, Sage MAS 500 ERP, Sage Accpac ERP, and QuickBooks, among others.  Or with AvaTax SDK™, link Avalara’s Web services API with any e-commerce or third-party accounting application. Find out more at


Exactor :  is revolutionizing sales tax compliance by providing the true next-generation end-to-end, automated solution for secure, reliable and accurate sales tax record keeping and processing.  Exactor's service gives business owners the ability to automate their sales tax efforts with an ease of use unparalleled in the industry. Exactor provides an end-to-end solution that seamlessly and automatically bridges between all elements of a transaction, starting from the point of transaction, such as the shopping cart, through the final e-filing and remittance of taxes owing.  This allows the merchant to focus on SALES, while Exactor deals with the TAX.  Please visit us at , e-mail us at or call us at (800) 851-8226


FedTax : TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use, tax calculation and remittance service offered by The Federal Tax Authority ( was founded by technology veterans with extensive experience in large scale development, deployment, and support of Internet-based services in environments with extremely high transaction volumes and financially sensitive information in intensively taxed and regulated industries.  Our management team has been directly involved in building several of the most recognizable brands in e-commerce — including Google, Microsoft, Expedia and MasterCard --- so we understand the struggles of internet merchants large and small.  TaxCloud is the only solution created solely to comply with SSUTA at a scale to support all internet merchants.

TaxCloud requires minimal integration effort by the merchant --- our goal is under 20 minutes from sign-up to tax collection.  It is safe and secure. All TaxCloud APIs only operate under SSL protocol.  In addition, we issue a unique ID and key for every merchant store/shopping cart.  We do not store any merchant customer data on our servers.  And it is completely free to merchants.

For more information about TaxCloud, visit or contact 1-877-TAX CLOUD (1-877-829-2568) or email system is a quick and easy way for sellers to register and update sales and use tax information for all members and those selected associate states at one time and place.

Companies that have achieved the distinction of being Certified Automated System and under contract with the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.  The following is a description of that company as written by that company:


Taxware: Taxware is a leading provider of sales and use tax compliance solutions for businesses and has been providing solutions for over 30 years. Its solutions are used by various businesses including remote sellers, brick and mortar stores, and manufacturers. Taxware products integrate with a business’ ERP, CRM, POS, shopping cart and home grown application. Its products can be accessed remotely through the Taxware hosting center reducing the cost of tax collection on site or its products can be deployed on site within a business’ firewall. The hosted and on premise applications are certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board as a Certified Service Provider (CSP) application and a Certified Automated System (CAS). Taxware was the first provider to be certified as both a CSP and CAS by the board. Taxware processed the first certified tax transaction in 2001during the pilot run by the Streamlined Sales Tax Project. For more information about Taxware and its products, contact Charles Collins at 919 782 0628.


Registration Check-List

For you to have a positive experience with this registration system please have the following information available before you begin to register:


  1. Your federal employer’s identification number (FEIN) or social security number if you do not have a FEIN.
  2. Business name, business address and mailing address.
  3. State of Incorporation or Organization.
  4. Date when you will start collecting sales taxes.
  5. Name, address and phone number of contact person.
  6. Your NAICS code.
  7. Name of CSP or CAS if you intend to use one.
  8. The states (if any) where you are currently registered to collect sales tax.
  9. You will need to create a password to gain access to your record after registration.

For questions on registration, and filing and paying of taxes, please click on the link to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you click the submit button at the end of the registration you will be registered for sales and use tax in all of the full member states listed in the form and all of the selected associate states. 

When new member states join, all registered sellers will be notified, potentially by email, of their requirement to begin collecting sales and use tax in that state.  If the new state is an associate member the seller will be given the option of collecting tax for that state.

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